Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon brand registry setup from start to finish


Amazon Brand Registry is a program that allows registered brand owners to have access to enhanced Amazon tools and better control over their brand. The brand owners are empowered to protect their listings and brand to build a strong online presence and grow their business on Amazon. However, protecting brand identity requires sufficient time and expertise, as you constantly need to analyse complex reports and handle other cumbersome activities. Safeguarding your brand from any violations, utilising brand analytics, sponsored ads, brand stores, A+ content, and a lot more requires hands-on experience. As UK-based Amazon Brand Registry consultants, we are fully equipped to handle your brand registry requirements & bolster brand presence and establish a robust business on Amazon. With an added layer of protection and increased authority over your listings, you will be able to make informed decisions and push your business on a definitive growth trajectory.


You need to meet certain requirements before getting started with Brand Registry. To be eligible for Amazon Brand Registry, you have to:

Confirm Your Trademark
A registered trademark is one of the key prerequisites that Amazon requires. A trademark could be in the form of images, text, numbers, or letters. Amazon doesn’t approve all government trademarks; currently, the accepted trademarks are the ones issued by government trademark offices in the United States, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia, India, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Egypt, the United Kingdom, the European Union and the United Arab Emirates.

Sign in to the Amazon Brand Registry Portal
Once your eligibility to join is ascertained, you can sign up for the brand registry by verifying your identity and accepting all the terms and conditions.

Register Your Company with Amazon Brand Registry
After signing up, you will have to submit some additional information along with the application. Some of the details you need to furnish could be your brand name, active trademark, product categories you are dealing in, and the countries where you manufacture and distribute your products.

Verify Trademark
On completing your application, a code is sent by Amazon to the registered contact of the trademark. By acknowledging the code, it is confirmed that you are the legitimate and verified owner of the trademark.

Activate Brand Registry
After getting approved for Brand Registry, you need to confirm that it is enabled on your products. This can be determined by checking your Brand Performance Business reports. All the ASINs enrolled for the brand registry will be there in the report. And for products that are not on the list, as an Amazon listing consultant we will get them enrolled by updating details like UPC code, catalogue number, etc.


Protect Your Product Listings & Brand
Amazon Brand registry helps to gain complete control over your product listings and brand. Your listings are susceptible and can easily be manipulated by unauthorised users. With Amazon Brand Registry, your product listings are entirely safe as no fake seller can fiddle around with your brand information. It also secures your advertising data and as a registered brand, your ads are given higher priority by Amazon. Any suspicious activity or an attempt to infringe your brand is detected by Amazon & strict action is taken against such fraudulent sellers. Without brand protection, Amazon sellers may sell substandard products in your brand name and create a bad brand image for you. The moment any such activity is identified, the brand registry immediately blocks it & safeguards your brand’s identity and reputation.

Gain Higher Conversions & Sales
With better protection & removal of fraudulent listings related to your brand, you will automatically witness a surge in conversions and sales. Additionally, Amazon’s Brand Registry analytics feature provides valuable insights into your customer’s search and buying behaviour. Understanding your customers' needs & identifying the products that work best for them prove useful in enhancing your business strategy. This eventually leads to more sales and sustainable growth for your business.

Get Access To A+ Content
Amazon’s Brand Registry gives access to A+ Content to be used for improving and enhancing your product listings. You can put extra details in your listings, add eye-catching product images & communicate your unique brand story to grab shoppers’ attention. Impactful content that conveys the real attributes and benefits of your products encourages customers to make more purchases. With A+ Content, you can incorporate quick tweaks in your listings and check which listing pattern produces the best results. Impressive content & alluring images play a significant role in attracting more sales & revenue.

Amazon Storefronts
With Amazon Brand registry, you get access to creating Amazon brand storefronts. An Amazon storefront is an online, customisable brand store that showcases all your listings on a single platform and creates an immersive and personalised experience for the buyers. With pre-built templates and various easy-to-use tools creating a professional-looking store is relatively easy.

Sponsored Brand Campaigns
Brand registered sellers can use sponsored brand campaigns to showcase their listing at important placement locations like the top of Amazon search page, product details pages, and towards the left and bottom of search results. You also get an optimisation feature that permits Amazon to display your products automatically, based on the probability of gaining higher conversions.

Sponsored Display Ads
The display ads are a self-service display advertising solution that displays auto-generated creatives and encourages customers to buy your products. The ads appear on search result pages, product display pages & off-Amazon websites (with audience remarketing) to help you reach out to shoppers through every stage of their purchase journeys.

Amazon Brand Analytics
Amazon Brand Analytics is typically a set of reports available to brand registered sellers. The reports provide details about the customer search and buying behaviours, search terms, and your product line-up. The reports are immensely helpful in improving your business strategy and making improvements in your product portfolio and marketing campaigns.

Amazon Attribution
It is an advertising tool that allows brand-registered sellers to measure the performance of their non-Amazon advertising efforts. It provides valuable insights & detailed analysis about the off-Amazon advertising channel that can yield the best results for your business. Attribution helps in gauging the impact of advertising using social media, videos, email campaigns, etc. With the accumulated findings, you get a better understanding of customers’ search behaviour and their purchasing patterns on Amazon.

Manage Your Experiments
It lets you run A/B tests (or split tests) on your brand content. With ‘Experiments’ you can compare two different versions of the content and check which is performing better. Based on the results, the best-performing content can be published. It provides useful insights about enhancements that can be made in your content to attract more customers and draw better conversions & sales.

Amazon Vine
After launching a product, gaining enough exposure and momentum is really important. Positive reviews from customers have proven to be helpful in giving that much-needed push to your products. Amazon Vine is a program available to registered brand sellers that can be used to enrol products and get legitimate reviews from your customers. With Amazon Vine, trusted reviewers are invited to share their comments and opinions about your products to help shoppers make an informed buying decision. Amazon Vine can be counted as the most legitimate way to get reviews and genuine feedback to increase awareness about your products and gain higher conversions & sales.

Improved Shopping Experience For Customers
Amazon Brand Registry gives you access to powerful Amazon tools that help in better customer engagement & satisfying shopping experience for your customers. You can create and build an exhilarating brand destination with Amazon storefronts and showcase your products in the most exclusive manner. With A+ Content, you have ample scope to transform and enrich your product listings to grab the attention of potential shoppers. By leveraging the use of Sponsored brand ads, you can massively increase brand awareness and attract an influx of customers to your products. The appearance of your ads in the top search results of Amazon provides great exposure to your products and brand.

Exceptional Support From Amazon
One of the important benefits of Brand Registry is the immense support that Amazon provides when any fraudulent activity is identified. Every single complaint received by Amazon is accompanied by prompt action and immediate resolution. Amazon has a specialised team to keep a strict vigil on any suspicious activity and fake or counterfeit products. The complaints of registered brand sellers are resolved in a matter of a few hours.

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By getting your brand registered, you'll get access to advanced features not available to other sellers. Once your brand is registered, we'll guide you on how you can make the most of the Brand registry features.

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Brand registry FAQs

Do I need a brand registry?

EVERY new feature, tool or program launched by Amazon is for brand registered sellers. BR provides access to powerful creative tools, streamlines the process for making detail page changes and more.

How long does it take to get my brand registered?

Assuming that you have the trademark, the entire process will take about a couple of weeks. Your brand must have an active registered trademark in each country where you would like to enrol.

What do I need for the brand registry process?

After you place an order with us, one of our consultants will contact you within 12 hours and provide a list of documents and information needed to get started.

Can you help me get a trademark?

Although we do not provide trademark registration services, we’ll be happy to guide you on how can get a trademark for your brand.

Are my details safe with you?

Your details and account information are completely safe with us. We can even sign Non-Disclosure Agreements for complete security of your business information and other IP.

Why should I hire you?

We are an Amazon SPN registered company and have helped 100s of sellers get their brand registered. Our clients love working with us because we take care of everything for them and provide timely updates.