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Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon brand registry setup from start to finish


Skip the frustration of dealing with support

Callin & chatting with seller support isn't exactly how you'd like to spend your time. We understand how to efficiently deal with support, saving you from frustration.

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Dedicated support system

Registering your brand on Amazon requires paperwork, effort and lots and lots of patience. We'll manage each process diligently and take charge of submitting documents on your behalf.

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Speed up the brand registry process

As an experienced Amazon agency, we can help expedite the process by preparing and submitting all the documents at once, thus streamlining your approval.

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Know how to make the best of Brand Registry

By getting your brand registered, you'll get access to advanced features not available to other sellers. Once your brand is registered, we'll guide you on how you can make the most of the Brand registry features.

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Brand registry troubleshooting

Are you facing any problems registering your brand? We can help. Schedule a meeting with our Amazon consultants to find out how we can troubleshoot issues you are facing with Brand registry.

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Save your valuable time

Get your brand registered without lifting a finger. You can work on your next big project while we can work to register and grow your brand on Amazon.

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Get all the perks of getting your brand registered on Amazon without the hassle. We will do all the grunt work so you can focus on other value-added tasks.

Brand registry FAQs

Do I need a brand registry?

EVERY new feature, tool or program launched by Amazon is for brand registered sellers. BR provides access to powerful creative tools, streamlines the process for making detail page changes and more.

How long does it take to get my brand registered?

Assuming that you have the trademark, the entire process will take about a couple of weeks. Your brand must have an active registered trademark in each country where you would like to enrol.

What do I need for the brand registry process?

After you place an order with us, one of our consultants will contact you within 12 hours and provide a list of documents and information needed to get started.

Can you help me get a trademark?

Although we do not provide trademark registration services, we’ll be happy to guide you on how can get a trademark for your brand.

Are my details safe with you?

Your details and account information are completely safe with us. We can even sign Non-Disclosure Agreements for complete security of your business information and other IP.

Why should I hire you?

We are an Amazon SPN registered company and have helped 100s of sellers get their brand registered. Our clients love working with us because we take care of everything for them and provide timely updates.

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