Amazon Keyword Research

Fuel your Amazon SEO & PPC efforts with a comprehensive keyword list


Keyword research for Amazon is a process to search phrases or terms that can be used to win higher search result rankings. It is an essential component for running a successful business on Amazon. Selecting the right keywords is not limited to only driving traffic to your product listings. It involves full-fledged research to gain deeper insights into your competition and a better understanding of customer search behaviour and market trends. Figuring out the needs of your audience and how your customers search for a particular product greatly helps to improve and optimise an Amazon listing.

Keywords are a crucial variable for Amazon to gauge the relevance of a search query and rank it accordingly. It is primarily about exploring the terms that shoppers use to search or discover things that they want to buy. Considering keywords research to be an important stepping stone toward your successful journey on Amazon, our team will devise an efficient and data-driven keyword strategy for your business. By picking the right keywords and placing them strategically in your listings, your products will gain higher search rankings, leading to better conversions and unprecedented sales.


Use Amazon Auto-Complete Function
Utilising auto-suggestions in the Amazon search box is one of the most convenient and accessible ways of conducting keyword research. The search bar provides deep insights into the customer search behaviour and the terms used by them to find a particular product. We also get an idea about the suggested categories, helping you list products in various other categories to gain more customer attention. Our experts prepare a coveted list of keywords based on the high ranking and frequently used product searches by Amazon shoppers.

Competitor Analysis
As an Amazon consulting agency, we gather a lot of credible information from your top competitors. By minutely running through their product listings, we get to know about the keywords they use. Our team takes note of the strategic placement of keywords in their listings and picks up authentic details to assist you in your selling journey. Thorough competitor analysis is an integral part of our keyword research service.

Reverse ASIN Lookup
As Amazon listing consultants, we use reverse ASIN strategy to look up the top-ranking keywords of Amazon listings that are in direct competition with your products. Reverse ASIN is a powerful technique to carry out keyword research on competitor products to set benchmarks for your own listings. We will help you with reverse ASIN and other effective data-driven strategies to help scale up your business on Amazon.

Manual Analysis
Our experts manually examine the keywords found through the automated keyword sorting process. The irrelevant and unnecessary terms or phrases are weeded out to get the final list of relevant and high-ranking keywords for your business.

Marketplace-specific Keywords
Keyword performance differs across search engines. The same query yields different results if there’s a change in the e-commerce channel. Our specialists utilise the cross-channel data and employ a marketplace-specific keyword research strategy to drive results. We have proven experience in working for countries like the US, UK, Canada, France, Australia, Italy, Spain, Japan, and Germany. Our team employs a keyword research strategy that’s purely aligned to the international market you intend to explore. We extend all the necessary support to expand and strengthen your presence in the international marketplaces.


Improved Search Rankings
Amazon follows a customer-centric approach with a keen focus on meeting specific customer needs and demands. By fetching keywords that closely match the search queries of your prospective customers, we help you win better rankings with Amazon algorithm. Our specialists choose the most high-converting keywords to push your products on top of the Amazon search engine results page (SERP).

Engaged Audience
We create informative product copies and infuse them with high-converting keywords to drive more traffic to your product page. By using the best-in-class keyword tool for Amazon, we select the most relevant and high-value keywords to attract the right customers. Persuasive and keyword-rich product descriptions and bulleted information helps in better engagement with your targeted audiences.

Increased Conversions
Right keywords & their strategic placements in your product listings have a direct impact on your search results. Optimised listings attract qualified traffic and greatly increase the possibility of converting visitors into customers.

Enhanced PPC Strategy
We conduct rigorous keyword research to find relevant keywords for bidding and assist you in building a result-oriented PPC strategy for your business. Strategic usage of keywords immensely improves the efficacy of your Amazon products ads, conversions and sales.

Data-driven Results
Our experts collate the keyword data and follow a rigorous funnelling process to finalise a list of filtered keywords. We minutely study and analyse the data to attract more qualified traffic, improve brand visibility and invite a surge in your sales volumes.

Strong Brand Recognition
Performing research on your competitors to find relevant keywords and writing informative and keyword-rich product copies do not only help in better SERP placements but also increase your customer retention and brand presence. Improved search engine results and a great buying experience play a key role in building your brand reputation.

For us, relevancy > volume

Unless you’re a big-box seller, it’s impossible to rank for high volume keywords. We encourage our clients to capitalise on low competition keywords instead.

We created Logo
Expert recommendations

The keyword file you get will include recommendations for keywords you should include in your title and description, along with backend search terms.

We completed Marketing
Skip the grunt work

Let us do the hard work of scouring through thousands of keywords, weeding out irrelevant terms and creating a list of high ranking, high converting keywords for your product.

We writing content
Competitor research

We look through the top sellers in your niche to pinpoint essential keywords they've added in their copy. This ensures that you don't miss any crucial keywords.

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For all EU marketplaces (DE, FR, IT, ES)

Expand to international marketplaces with a strong, marketplace-specific keyword list. We're proud to be one of the very few agencies that can provide marketplace specific keyword research.

We created Apps
Industry best keyword tools

We scour through the depths of popular keyword tools like Merchant Words and Helium10 to build a comprehensive list of customer search terms.

We created Graphic

The keywords you've been banking on in your copy and ad campaigns might be past their expiry date. Thanks to Amazon's ever-evolving algorithm, the keywords that worked last year won't work today. Give your keyword list a refresh with eStore Factory's keyword research services.

Our keyword research process

Identifying root/seed keywords

We take a long hard look at your product and competitors to identify the most used terms shoppers are using to find your product.

Extracting data from keyword tools

The next step is to conduct a search for the root keywords in Merchant Words & Helium10. For us, root keyword also includes synonym keywords. E.g., BBQ gloves, grilling gloves, BBQ mitts etc.

Sorting relevant keywords

The keyword files we get from Merchant Words and Helium10 are not ready-to-use. Our experts manually weed out irrelevant terms to create a list of hyper-relevant keywords.

Identifying priority keywords

From the refined keyword list, we add our recommendations for keywords that should be present in your product copy for better organic reach.

Creating backend search terms

From the remaining keywords, we create a string of search terms that’s in accordance with Amazon’s guidelines – no symbols, brand names, promotional words or duplicate keywords from title.


The completed keyword file is delivered to the client. Search terms go in in the backend, recommended keywords in your copy and the rest of the keywords can be used for targeted PPC campaigns.