Amazon Seller Account Management

Concentrate on your business and delegate day-to-day Amazon related tasks to professionals.


All brands want to utilise the vast selling potential of Amazon to establish their online businesses. Amazon account management services play a pivotal role in creating a thriving presence for your brand. But the whole exercise of Amazon listing optimisation, managing advertising campaigns, handling inventory, collecting reviews, generating detailed reports, etc., requires adequate skills, time, and involvement. As an Amazon consulting agency, we help in streamlining the entire process and develop tailored strategies to grow your business and enhance your brand’s overall value.


Setting Up Amazon Account
Setting up an Amazon account is the first step toward commencing your online selling journey. We handle all the intricacies & provide complete assistance for registering your account on Amazon.

Listing Management
Our consultants will help you in the product listing process by placing products in suitable categories and adding content, backend search terms, specifications, etc. We assist you in uploading and updating product lists and optimising them with appealing imagery and content to grab the attention of the shoppers. Our team produces stunning images that highlight the special attributes & benefits of your products. With a rich blend of aesthetics and useful information, we are able to create listings that inspire shoppers to make purchases.

Brand Protection
As a part of our Amazon Account Management Services, we provide assistance in registering your brand on Amazon and submission of documents to complete the procedure for you. Our team manages the entire process in a time-bound manner. We also take the essential measures to protect your brand from malicious or unauthorised sellers.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
The higher search rankings & visibility of your products are important factors for conversions and sales. We use advanced research tools to fetch the most profitable and high-converting keywords for your products. Our team implements effective SEO practices, like strategically placing keywords, using compelling content, and highlighting the product attributes & benefits to attract a wide spectrum of customers.

Amazon Brand Storefront Design Services
An Amazon Storefront offers customers a multi-page mini-website – an individualised brand destination that exclusively showcases your products. We provide brand-registered sellers with all the support for building a visually appealing and fully-functional storefront. Our team helps you with high-quality images, graphic overlays, brand logos, and multimedia content for your brand storefront. You can also use the storefront as a landing page for advertisements to display the whole range of your products.

Amazon Advertisement Management
We utilise the powerful advertising capabilities of Amazon and develop well-thought-out campaigns for enhanced brand visibility and profitability. Our Amazon sponsored ads management service, allows us to conceptualise unique advertising strategies that are adaptable to the complex Amazon marketplace. We offer data-driven and result-oriented advertising options that match your requirements and keep the ACoS lower with higher ROI. Optimising your products through paid ads results in better exposure to your brand and improved engagement with the right audience.

A+ Content (Enhanced Brand Content)
Amazon A+ Content is a premium feature that allows the enhancement of your product listings with high-quality images and rich text. The refurbished content elaborates the key attributes and benefits of your products, resulting in a better user experience and increased traffic to the listings. Our team will help you create well-crafted layouts, captivating images, and informative product descriptions that grab the attention of your shoppers to witness a surge in conversions & sales.

Shipping & Logistics (FBA/FBM)
We help you through both the modes, Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) or Fulfilment by Merchant (FBM). With FBA, we assist you by sending your products directly to the Amazon Fulfilment centre. The rest is managed by Amazon, including storage, stocking, and delivery along with customer services. Whereas in FBM the entire responsibility of product storage, shipping, and customer support lies with the merchant or seller. Our experts guide you with both the fulfilment methods and implement best practices and procedures for hassle-free shipping and logistics for your business.

Inventory Management
An uninterrupted supply of goods & efficient inventory management results in efficient customer service and smooth functioning of your business. Our team provides timely updates about your inventory like low-stock, and out-of-stock goods to help you manage the inventory based on demand and supply.

Reviews & Rating Solicitation
The growth in sales volumes & success of your business significantly depends on the satisfaction levels of your customers and the way they rate your products. We make sure that with best-in-class products, prompt fulfilment, and seamless & efficient customer services; you can earn recognition for your brand and attract more customers. We do not coerce anyone and use genuine strategies to encourage customers to leave their reviews. Gaining positive reviews and ratings from your customers will aid in developing a great image for your products and brand.

Amazon Account Health Management
We help individual sellers, professional sellers, or sellers with FBA or FBM in maintaining their Amazon account health. Our team implements best practices to keep your account fully compliant with Amazon guidelines and regulations. We follow a data-driven approach and constantly monitor the key performance metrics of your account health. Our team regularly optimises these metrics to match the quality standards of Amazon and the well-being of your account health.

Customer Support Services
We have a specialised team of professionals to handle all your customer support requirements. Our customer support associates will become the true representatives of your brand and handle every single query related to your business. The exemplary customer support and polite demeanour of our team will help build trust & create an exceptional image for your brand.


Professional Account Management
We have a dedicated team of professionals to handle every single aspect of your Amazon account. Whether you’re selling on Seller Central, Vendor Central, or both, we devise strategies that are attuned to your business objectives and meet your specific goals on Amazon.

Tailor-made Amazon Account Strategies
Every business has unique attributes. We deeply analyse your business & work out customised strategies to deliver great results for your business. Our team puts relentless efforts to help you stay on the top, by efficiently managing your inventory; keeping a strong vigil on your account health, and identifying areas that require attention.

Ongoing Assessment & Integrations
We study the key selling points of your business and closely monitor the customer reviews and their feedback about your products. Our team constantly assesses your business and suggests timely improvements to help you outrank the competition and meet the exceeding expectations of your customers.

Listing creation & setup

Our consultants will help you list and optimise your product line on Amazon, remove/merge duplicate products, set up variations and more.

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Brand protection

Stay in the know. Our consultants will be on the alert to protect your brand from listing hijackers and ensure that your brand is properly presented by third-party sellers.

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Inventory management

Leveraging various inventory management tools and forecasting methods, our consultants creates timely shipments to prevent dreaded stockouts and overstocks.

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Regular clean-up

Regular review of your listing copy to ensure it reflects the right information and does not contain any word that can trigger Amazon's bots to block the listing.

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Day to day upkeep

Replying to buyer-seller messages, keeping an eye on reviews, regularly checking IPI score, closely monitoring account health and other activities to ensure you never miss a beat.

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Managing case log

Let us do the grunt work of dealing with Amazon seller support. Our experts will create, manage, respond to tickets on your behalf till the job's done.

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Every cog of your Amazon account running hands-free, flawlessly and managed by our Amazon experts. We are here to take the burden off your shoulders.


What does account management include?

We can take care of everything from managing inventory, creating high converting product listings, keeping your PPC ad campaigns dialled in, mapping a plan for long term growth & more.

Do you take care of the buyer-seller message?

Yes, we do. In fact, we also closely monitor various performance and account health metrics like IPI score, order defect ratio, late shipment rate, pre-fulfilment cancellation rate and more.

Am i bound to contract with eStore Factory?

We do not make our clients sign contracts for 12 or 24 months upfront. Instead, we opt for a subscription model – if at any point you’re satisfied, you can withdraw.

How many people will be working on the project at a time?

The core of each team working on your project will be comprised of 1 project manager, 1 Amazon consultant, 1 content writer (depending on your needs) & 1 designer (depending on your needs).

How do I to keep track of what you've been doing?

You can expect regular updates on work summary via email, Skype, Whatsapp or Basecamp, “all-hands-on-deck” meetings once a week with our project manager and sales snapshot at the end of every month.

Are my credentials and account info safe with us?

We have handled accounts of more than 1000 Amazon sellers, so you can rest easy knowing your data and account credentials are always safe with us.