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Ecommerce website design and development is the process of building an e-commerce website with the right features and functionalities, a secured payment gateway, and an aesthetic appeal to attract customer attention. There are some additional operations and functions as well, but the sole aim remains to create an easy and convenient browsing and shopping experience for your customers. Cutting-edge designs and attention-grabbing interactive elements are an essential part of an e-commerce website. A website development company utilises these creative components to build a strong alternative to physical stores. Businesses are fascinated by this superior and cost-effective option that requires no real manpower to manage the store or even own a physical property to house everything. We will help you explore the immense potential of the e-commerce website solutions to lend a sharp winning edge to your business. Our experts use the most advanced and latest technologies to deliver robust e-commerce website solutions and offer continued support for sustained performance.


Research & Discovery
We begin our engagement with a detailed discovery to understand the specific needs of your business. After conducting thorough research, we present various recommendations that match your business and technology requirements. We define our strategies based on the website’s content, purpose, and target audience. This helps us determine the choice of design, functionalities, and use of technology for your web store. As a UK-based social media marketing agency and an e-commerce website design company, we assure you that our website development services will bring great value to your business.

User Experience (UX)
Our designers and development team work in tandem to build a strong baseline for your store's functionality. The site’s efficient design structures improve usability and ensure a smooth and easy customer journey. With responsive designs, we are able to prevent the time lost on overloaded pages, unnecessary clicks, or a sluggish feedback retrieval system. Our designers recognise the varying needs of the users including the ones with limited tech literacy. We make sure that your UX design is simple, usable, and aesthetically appealing. A smooth and user-friendly interface facilitates easy navigation and engagement with a wide range of customers.

Effective Use of Visual Elements
In physical stores, customers have the freedom to view products in person and check every detail. An online store needs to compete with the in-store experience of physically viewing the products. Only the right visual elements can fill this gap between a physical product and its online representation. We use varied images and interactive elements to create an in-person buying experience for your customers. By using high-quality images and engaging content in our designs we can help boost the effectiveness and sales of your online store.

Strong Branding
Building a powerful online brand is a vital aspect of our design process. We study your store’s overview data, popular products, and relevant analytics to understand your customers and the way they perceive your brand. By diving deeper into the customer data, we get better insights into your customers’ behaviour and preferences, enabling us to personalise and create a satisfying user experience for them. Good branding is an essential component of a successful online business; it distinguishes you from the rest and offers a great competitive advantage.

Store Migration
We deliver a secured and hassle-free migration of your store to the most suitable and effective platform with seamless integration. Our specialists adopt an agile process to offer the services at a good speed and scale. You may choose any platform like Shopify or WooCommerce; we will make sure that you get the best results. We follow a result-oriented approach and extend all our support for a glitch-free migration to the new platform. Our experts make sure that there’s no loss of data or any custom functionality during the platform switch.

Stringent Data Security Protocols
We recognise the importance of data security and implement your website on a secure protocol like HTTPS. With an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate we are able to fully encrypt the communication between a user’s web browser and the website server. The encryption ensures that customers’ information is not exposed to anyone monitoring the network and prevents any data or identity theft and fraudulent transactions.

Seamless & Secure Checkout Experience
In e-commerce, creating a smooth checkout process is a strategic step towards creating a satisfying customer journey. A secured and easy-to-operate payment process provides customers with a hassle-free shopping experience. We ensure this by integrating more than one payment gateway and user-friendly payment methods. Our integrations facilitate one checkout for all your payments while maintaining a robust end-to-end data security protocol. Simple functionalities and easy navigation to the end of the payment page attract better conversion rates and overall sales.

SEO Strategy
As an SEO services provider in UK, we develop SEO-friendly websites to increase the visibility of your online store in the search results. The shoppers doing searches related to what you offer will likely run into your website. By establishing an easy site architecture, improving site loading speed, building high-quality backlinks, and maintaining site security your store will rank higher in SERPs and drive more qualified traffic.

Mobile-friendly & Responsive Design
Mobile commerce is growing at a rapid pace with a massive increase of smartphone and smart gadget users globally. The easy accessibility and substantial amount of time spent browsing on the phone have resulted in more and more people making online purchases on mobiles. We provide website designs that are mobile-friendly and programmed to adjust to the screen of the devices on which the site has been accessed. The site maintains appropriate dimensions and doesn’t lose on its aesthetics, whether you open it on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Integrated Services & Solutions
One of the best ways to ensure e-commerce success is to integrate customer-oriented services and features. We extend the capability of your online store with customisable B2B and B2C solutions that meet your business and brand requirements. Customised shopping cart development and integration of payment gateways enable the quick sales of your products with automatic calculation of discounts, shipping costs, etc. The e-commerce integration services help in drawing more and more customers to increase the conversion ratio & achieve better sales.

Maintenance & Support
Great site experiences involve the right mix of creativity, proactive thinking, and a clear strategy. We closely monitor your store to identify any gaps or weak areas and take immediate corrective actions. Our experts continuously work on improving operational efficiencies to ensure the site is always up and running seamlessly. We conduct recovery audits, take timely backups, implement various growth acceleration solutions and deliver robust troubleshooting support. Our team is fully equipped to handle any technological or functional challenge to ensure sustained & smooth performance.


Scalable Growth
Our developers build systems that support and facilitate your e-commerce business growth. The design and implementation of our solution’s architecture are scalable and offer enough scope for expansion for any future needs.

Unmatched Performance
We assure a great performance by keeping your solutions updated and offer our comprehensive support all through. Regular reviews and an effective assessment process help us identify the potential areas for improvement. We take various preemptive steps to avoid any bottlenecks in your e-commerce solution’s productivity and performance.

Easy Adoption & Management
Taking into view the inherent complexities of e-commerce solutions, we support the adoptions with detailed project guidelines and assist the end-users throughout the process. We keep our communication channels open and conduct in-depth training sessions to help the users handle their systems independently.

Top-Grade Protection
Our services are backed with robust data security solutions. We offer the highest standards of data governance and carry out stringent security testing to secure your e-commerce solution against cyber crimes, data breaches, or suspicious transactions.

Visual content creation

Let us incorporate enticing visual content in your store that streamlines with your branding and improve brand recall.

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User-friendly checkouts

Complex checkout process leads to cart abandonment. We'll help you streamline the checkout process to ensure customers complete their purchase.

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Let our programmers migrate your store without any data loss or frustration. Any platform, any format, we provide secure and glitch-free migration.

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Take advantage of our real-time support and expert guidance to promptly troubleshoot any problems that occur in your store.

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Ongoing maintenance & support

Through our separate service of ongoing management, you can get our experts to make sure your site's always working flawlessly in the backend.

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Integration services

We work with you for custom shopping cart development, custom B2B and B2C solutions and payment getaway integration.

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Create a lasting first impression with eStore Factory's web design services.

Your website is your brand's invisible salesperson. Ensure your future customers move past clicking and head to purchasing.

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Conversion driven

We create websites that sell because, at the end of the day, that’s what matters. The ultimate goal is to ensure that your site communicates and persuades effectively.

Highly scalable

Scalable designs created by our experts have the ability to handle any turbulence or changes of the winds. Long term website maintenance made simple and hassle-free!

Optimised for speed

Buffering, what’s that? We make sure your customers don’t wait for a microsecond longer than they have to. They’ll go from browsing to checkouts in mere seconds.

All screen friendly

When shoppers need to pinch and zoom, you are, in a way, telling them to go somewhere else. That’s why we create responsive designs that make the best first impression on screens of all sizes.


Technically on point and creatively seamless. Fresh, innovative, clean, minimalistic, clever are some of the words that perfectly describe our designs.


Our website maintenance and QC experts conduct multiple tests to ensure bug-free functioning and a seamless user experience.

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