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It is a proven fact that most Amazon shoppers do not have the inclination to read the product copies. In an impersonal e-commerce shopping environment, where customers cannot touch the products in person, infographics serve as a great tool to educate them about your products. An average shopper spends 8-10 seconds on your product page; so you have a limited time to convince them for a purchase. It is not possible to catch the wandering eyes of the customers merely with white-background images and simple product copies. Our experts will help you fill this gap and create stunning infographics, using a unique blend of high-quality images, compelling text, and eye-catching graphics to draw the attention of your potential customers. Infographics are a must-have for sellers on Amazon.


Simple & Informative
The key purpose of an infographic is to provide relevant product details to your customers in an easy and visually appealing way. A right mix of quality product images; immaculately written text & use of icons make infographics extremely sales-stimulating. We showcase the striking features & benefits of your products through infographics. With a provision to add multiple images, we use a single snapshot to highlight one particular product feature to lend a minimalistic and clean look. Only the necessary information about the products is added to keep the infographics clutter-free. Using aesthetic elements to exhibit the real value of your products, the customers are drawn towards them, resulting in increased conversions and sales.

Match Your Branding Guidelines
You may follow certain brand-specific guidelines; we will seamlessly integrate them into our design process to match your branding strategy. With a better understanding of your products and image requirements, our team adopts a balanced approach that suits your Amazon listings. Our experts conduct a thorough research before selecting the colour palette for your infographics’ to match your brand persona and business niche. We include colours from your brand logo, product colour, packaging, etc., and make sure that the colours fully complement your brand image and represent your products appropriately. Font selection is also vital as it greatly impacts the brand building process and the way shoppers perceive your brand. We identify and pick relevant fonts that resonate with your brand appeal and suit your product category.

Graphics That Highlight Your Products Perfectly
The ultimate goal of an Amazon infographic is to present your products in a way that attracts maximum customer attention. It is a great medium to promote your products by using eye-catching text & visuals to highlight their special features. We will present the distinctive qualities of your products to help you outperform the competition. You can also display details like product size, the material used, assembly, colours, and other necessary information

Instructions For Usage
It is hard to understand the characteristics and usage of certain products. With infographics, we can explain product usage and even break the process into simpler steps. For the convenience of the customers, we will include several images showing the product in use and write easy-to-follow steps next to each image. Instructional infographics describe the product usage quite lucidly and address customers’ initial fears and apprehensions about your products.

Mobile-friendly Design
With an increasing number of purchases being made with mobile devices, it becomes imperative to create designs that are mobile-friendly and highly responsive. As an Amazon account management agency, we include most of the information conveyed in bullet points in the infographics or convey them in the secondary image set through visuals. The right combination of images and thoughtful placement of text will convey your message effectively, attracting higher customer attention, better conversions, and sales.

Show Packaging
By showing impressive product packaging in infographics, you can present yourself as a premium brand on Amazon. The customers instantly associate the quality of the packaging with the quality of your products. A nicely packaged product creates a good impression about your brand and evokes an emotive response from your customers. For products that are simple and don’t have enough specifications, putting an image with attractive packaging in the infographics helps to ignite interest among shoppers. Good packaging and attention-grabbing infographics play an important role in driving better sales and revenue.

Comparison Charts
Once you bring your products in front of a wide customer base, you need to convince shoppers about the superior quality of your products. A comparison chart serves this purpose, as you can compare your products with others and highlight why your products are the best. We screen your competitors in all fairness to create and include comparison chart images in the infographics. Your customers won’t have to browse through a score of product pages before picking the right product.

Focus On Target Audience
As an Amazon consulting agency, we study customers and their shopping behaviour when they are out to purchase products similar to yours. Based on the observations, we make changes in the infographics to align them with the shopping sensibilities of your target customers. It is important for shoppers to build an emotional connection with your products. In the e-commerce world, most of the shopping is based on visual judgements. We make sure that Amazon infographics provide a rich feel about your products and help your customers visualise using them in their own lives.


Infographics play a key role in increasing your conversion rate and sales volume.

Infographics help in effectively communicating the product's key features, benefits, and specifications.

Infographics make technical & complex information easy to follow and understand.

Infographics can help prevent negative reviews by adding detailed, informative images for shoppers to make informed buying decisions.

Infographics expedite decision-making; the combination of persuasive text & highly-impressive images evokes a quick response from your customers.

Infographics offer use-case examples to help customers imagine the product in their own lives.

Infographics allow the inclusion of comparative images where a fair comparison of your products with the competitors can be made.

Infographics showcase your brand value and the real strength of your products.

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Make a lasting first impression with e-commerce ready white background images. The subject and the main focus of the image will just be your product.

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Whether you need to tell a story, show off data or explain how the product functions, nothing works better than a well-made infographic image.

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Sellers who don't have the resources for big-budget photoshoots can opt for composite lifestyle images where your product is carefully photoshopped into a professional stock photo.

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Transform your poorly clicked/low-quality images with 3D product rendering and get crisp, clean, flawless images that are free of design or photography flaws.

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The mind can only envision so much. Your customers are more likely to connect with a model gleefully interacting with the product rather than a plain product image.

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Colour correction, object removal, adding shadows, background replacement and removing common photography errors like props, creases, wrinkles, skin blemishes, dust, and other inconsistencies.

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