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Amazon PPC Management Services


Amazon is unarguably the most dominant online retail shopping platform in the world. The powerful advertising options offered by Amazon can be utilised by brands to leverage and strengthen their businesses. Amazon advertising can certainly prove to be a highly lucrative option for businesses if they approach it tactically. Amazon PPC management is a crucial aspect of running successful advertising campaigns on Amazon. With years of experience and hands-on knowledge in managing campaigns for varied business categories, we are fully equipped to provide an advertising strategy that can put your brand on a high-growth trajectory. Our Amazon Advertising Agency has proven expertise in creating, managing, and monitoring your advertising campaigns to deliver the best results and put your business in the spotlight. As an Amazon consulting agency, we will develop tailored strategies and streamline the entire process to grow your business and enhance your brand’s overall value.


Keyword Research

We extend our expertise in picking the most relevant keywords for your ads. As an Amazon optimisation specialist, we use industry-leading keyword research tools and take key factors like search volume, cost-per-click and competitiveness into account before finalising the keywords. We also include negative keywords in your advertising campaigns to avoid unwanted traffic and reduce your ACoS.

Revamping Product Listings

An appealing product listing is a vital component of an effective advertising strategy. Our Amazon PPC expert evaluates your product listings and identifies the ones that require refinements to yield good results. We implement various proven techniques to optimize your listings and set them up for better customer engagement, improved conversions, and higher sales.

Competitive Analysis

We keep a close eye on your competitors and deeply analyse their strategies that produce better results. Knowing about their target keywords, the search volumes, and the overall campaign structuring is beneficial in refining your action plan and outranking them in the long run. A thorough analysis reveals the gaps in your competitors’ product advertisements. This lets us enhance your campaigns and develop a robust advertising strategy to support your business growth.

Campaign Audit

As an Amazon ads expert, we review your existing campaigns to identify areas that need improvement. Picking on missed optimisation opportunities and inherent gaps in your campaigns helps us redefine your advertising strategy and maximise the efficacy of your ads. We strategically manage manual and automatic campaigns to drive exceptional outcomes for your business. Our Amazon PPC consultants monitor and maintain the consistent performance of your ad campaigns.

Campaign Creation

We create and manage your pay-per-click advertising campaigns while backing them up with an efficient bidding strategy. As an Amazon advertising specialist, we handle both manual and automatic campaigns with equal finesse. With automatic campaigns we allow Amazon to manage your ads based on keyword matches and product relevance. In manual campaigns, we can apply more control over your ad targeting. We use both manual and automatic campaign creation to ensure your Amazon ads’ optimal performance.

Effective Bidding Strategy

We extend our proficiency in devising an optimized bidding strategy for your campaigns. As an Amazon PPC agency, our seasoned professionals examine your existing bidding strategy and make required tweaks to enhance its effectiveness. We manage everything right from selecting the right keywords for your bids to choosing dynamic or fixed bidding for your ad campaigns or deciding your average CPC. An Amazon optimisation specialist constantly works at optimising your bids for attracting high-intent traffic and pushing your sales number higher.

Promotion & Coupon Management

As a part of our Amazon sponsored ads management service we undertake all promotional activities, coupon management, subscription, and lightning deal management for your business. We have a dedicated team to help you manage the high traffic during special sales and shopping days. With exceptional sales on special shopping days, we strive hard to maintain positive sales momentum and bring in better conversions and profitability for your business.

Landing Page Optimisation

Your advertising campaign typically directs shoppers to a landing page that carries relevant product information and encourages people to buy. So it is important to create an effective landing page and fully optimise it to achieve the best results for your campaigns. Our specialists enhance your landing pages with bright product images, impactful infographics, and stunning design overlays to attract shoppers’ attention. With optimised landing pages we help you gain more customers; win higher conversion rates and maximise the value of your ad spend.

Ongoing Performance Monitoring

As an Amazon PPC agency, we offer a range of specialized services to help businesses optimize their advertising efforts and achieve better results. Our team of Amazon PPC experts is experienced in creating, managing, and evaluating advertising campaigns on the platform. We relentlessly work at monitoring the actual performance of your ad campaigns. Our experts track the key performance metrics and prepare exhaustive reports about the overall progress of your campaigns. We analyse these reports to gain deeper insights and make further improvements in your advertising campaigns to significantly fuel your business growth on Amazon.

Let us boost the efficiency of your ad campaigns for better performance, effective conversions and improved sales to deliver success for your business.



Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

Sponsored Products are the most flexible Amazon ad types that offer a quick and easy way to promote an individual product. The ads provide better visibility and appear on the first page of the customer search results. Our experts will help you determine the budget and duration of your sponsored product ad campaigns. We will assist you in picking the right keywords to target or allow Amazon to match your ads to relevant keywords. Besides providing guidance in selecting the products you want to feature or setting competitive bids, we extend our complete support in the successful launch of your ad campaigns.


Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads

Sponsored Brands are the large banner ads that typically appear at the top of your Amazon search results page. The PPC ads include a brand’s logo, a custom tagline, and multiple examples of your products. Since the ads usually show up as the first thing a shopper observes on a search results page, they build an instant connection with the shoppers, enhance your brand presence and create a branded experience for your customers. In addition to designing your ads and deciding your budget and duration, we also ensure that the keywords you’re targeting for products to be featured can really appeal to your potential customers.


Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

Sponsored Display ads are exclusive among other ad types as they do not function by keyword. The ads offer two different targeting options – Product targeting or audiences. With product targeting, you can promote your listings among audiences who are actively looking for products similar to yours. And by selecting audiences as a targeting option, you can engage or re-engage with relevant audiences both on and off Amazon. The ads can be featured on the Amazon home page, on shopping results pages, as well as on third-party websites or apps. Our team will help you set your bid and budget, pick the products or choose the audiences you want to reach, and facilitate the successful launch of your Sponsored Display Ads.


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