Amazon Brand Storefront

You've built an amazing brand; make sure people remember it with a professionally created store


Amazon Storefronts allow sellers to design individualised brand stores on Amazon where shoppers can exclusively navigate through their product collection. The brand storefronts offer great flexibility in terms of structure and content. They can feature up to three levels of pages to showcase your products. Amazon brand stores provide an incredible platform to present your products in front of a huge customer base. A seller must be a registered brand owner on Amazon to utilise the free-service storefront design tools.

Amazon, the world's largest online retailer is growing at a rapid pace. The brand store offers a great opportunity for sellers to create a brand-centric destination on Amazon. A visually appealing and optimised brand store can draw a huge influx of visitors to help you win better conversions and sales. Our team will design an eye-catching and sales-inducing storefront to drive growth and establish your online business. You will outrank the competition and build a strong presence on Amazon by providing a unique and personalised shopping experience to your customers.


Customised Design
User experience holds great importance in the online retail world. Creating a personalised touch in your Amazon brand store greatly enhances the user experience. Our storefront designers incorporate all the key elements to turn shopping into a simple and enjoyable activity for your customers. The customisable brand store pages allow the use of rich and personalised content. We add images and multimedia content that effectively showcase the unique attributes and functionalities of your products. Our team designs storefronts that are fully aligned to your brand image and business niche. We make significant improvements in the user interface to create a personalised shopping experience for your customers and help you run a highly successful brand store on Amazon.

Use Page Templates
Amazon stores include three templates to help you set up a page with default titles. ‘Marquee’ template acts as a gateway page for your brand. ‘Highlight’ showcases your products and the related information, whereas the ‘Grid’ displays a large number of your products. We pick the most appropriate design templates to suit your store layouts and add customisable features to effectively showcase your products and brand.

Create Individual Category Pages
Simply adding a product grid & creating a homepage banner won’t bring the desired results. As Amazon seller consultants, we sift through your entire product range and organise them based on individual categories to help customers find their desired products. By providing a comfortable shopping experience, you will pull in more customers and witness a surge in your sales volumes. Your products are categorised based on the type of products or the customers you intend to target. Brands with huge product portfolios may find the process a little cumbersome and time-consuming. We will take the burden off your shoulders and categorise products for your brand store; it is a crucial step towards creating a successful Amazon storefront.

Add Product Videos
We help brands incorporate videos in the storefront. Impactful videos instantly grab customer attention and add a professional touch to your brand while drawing higher traffic, conversions, and sales. Brands that are yet to invest in videos should take it up as a priority and capitalise on videos to boost product visibility on Amazon.

Utilise the 'About Us' Section
The storefront is a great platform for increasing your brand awareness and building an emotional connection with your potential customers. The ‘About Us’ section completely serves this purpose. We can share your brand story, showcase your business values and ethics & communicate your future vision through this section. You can also talk about charity or donations you make, or even share about any money-back guarantees you offer for your products and raise awareness about your brand. Building a personal rapport with your customers helps earn more trust and creates long-term loyalty for your brand.

Add 'Shop Now' Images
Storefronts provide you ample freedom to add ‘shop now’ images. We will add customised images with ‘shop now’ icons in your product grid. Adding a ‘shop now’ callout image to the banners ignites customer interest and increases the likelihood of a purchase. We make sure that every ‘shop now’ image is linked to the relevant product detail image for customers to easily navigate through your products and make a spontaneous purchase.

Include Category Page Links On Home Page
Customers are redirected to your storefront from both on and off Amazon. By landing on the home page, they may not check through all the pages in your storefront. For the convenience of the shoppers, we will add a dedicated image for each product category; by clicking the image customers will directly land on the relevant product page. It enriches the customers’ overall shopping experience and makes it easy for them to understand your products and brand.

Dedicated pages for Best Selling & Newly Launched Products
Every brand wants to highlight their best-selling products and garner special attention for the newly launched ones. As an Amazon consulting agency, we create individual pages to meet this requirement. A storefront provides customers a website-like shopping experience, so we create dedicated sections for top-selling and newly introduced products in your brand store.

Use Lifestyle Images
Amazon storefronts offer great creative possibilities when it comes to utilising the gallery section. They provide enough scope for adding lifestyle images, Amazon product infographic images, or a combination of both. Lifestyle images showcase products being used by individuals in a real-life setting. By utilising our Amazon product photography services, we create photos that vividly convey the usage and benefits of your products and strike an instant chord with the customers. You can also add text overlays to explain the key features of your products. Customers are more likely to read text on your images compared to any other format. Using compelling lifestyle images forges an emotional connection with your customers, lending a human touch to the shopping experience and increasing user engagement.

Utilise Storefront’s Interactive Features
Storefront has some exciting features that make them more engaging and interactive. When customers invest sufficient time in interacting with your store page, they are more likely to buy. The interactive features of brand stores can be listed as follows: Shoppable Collection Images is a feature that can be used if you have a good collection of lifestyle images. By simply hovering over the featured image, the customers get essential details like product name, price, availability, reviews/ratings, etc. This feature can entice your customers into making a purchase in just a few clicks. Image with Text is an overlay used in storefronts design, where using clickable text on images immensely improves the store’s search engine optimisation. So using these types of images is highly recommended. Bulk Product Uploading & Out Of Stock Product Management is an excellent feature to upload products in bulk to greatly reduce time and effort. There is an automatic provision for hiding out-of-stock products and preventing shoppers to land on pages with products, not in stock. It is a great feature to maintain and update the brand store efficiently. Stores Scheduling is a feature that allows sellers to plan ahead of time and request a custom date/time to get their storefront live. It will help you plan new product launches, brand updating, and seasonal alterations. Links to storefront through Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads make it easy for shoppers to visit your storefront. By clicking the brand logo in the brand ad a shopper can instantly land on your brand store.


Design & Layout

  •  Engaging and visually appealing template designs

  •  Customised layouts with information-ridden high-quality images

  •  Organised product categories and sub-categories

  • The meticulous selection of popular, new, and best-selling products

Persuasive Content

  • Easy to comprehend and precise product details

  • Highly-skilled writers present product attributes and benefits effectively

  • Eye-catching headlines & optimised content placements to grab customer attention

  •  Strong portrayal of brand attributes, values, and ethics

Storefront Submission & Expanded Outreach

  • Manage store submission process & formalities

  • Target potential customers and relevant traffic for better store outreach

  • Utilise social media platforms & email marketing for extensive brand store promotion

  • Monitor and analyze key performance metrics on a regular basis


  • Serves as a well-organised, centralised hub for your products and brand

  • Sets your products apart from the rest in the crowded Amazon marketplace

  • Delivers a personalised shopping experience to your customers

  • Displays an organised collection of your products, with complete control over the order in which they appear

  • Prevents unauthorised and sub-standard listings from other sellers

  • Provides your customers a better overview of your products and brand

  • Increases brand recognition with an exclusive online shopping destination for your brand

  • Wins higher conversions by providing brand-specific information to your potential customers

  • Promotes newly launched products among your old and existing customers

  • Used as a landing page for your advertisements

  • Utilises social sharing buttons to leverage social media & draw more customers to your store

  • Boosts organic rankings & strengthens your overall market presence

Compelling content

Shoppers are no longer be satisfied by run-of-the-mill content. By crafting compelling content, we'll help your storefront improve customer engagement.

We created Apps
Frictionless layout

We choose not to use Amazon's predefined templates instead create a custom layout that lets customers seamlessly go through your store — no matter what device they're on.

We created Logo
Differentiating designs

In an overcrowded marketplace, the worst thing you can do is blend in. Our human-centred designs cut through the noise, makes sense and set your brand apart.

We created Graphic
Competitor research

For us, any design project begins with a thorough brand and competitor research. We check out the top performing brands in your niche to ensure your store fill in the gaps left by your competitors stores.

We created Logo
ASIN categorization

Customers aren't going to patiently keep on scrolling till they find the product they need. Categorising your product catalogue will make it easier for shoppers to navigate your store.

We completed Marketing
Upload support

Making a storefront is one thing and getting it live on Amazon is another ballgame. Our team will be there for you till your store is up and thriving.

We writing content

Building stores that cut through the noise

Successful Amazon stores aren't just about looks. They're all about differentiating your brand, creating clarity and building a memorable shopping experience. We make sure stores designed by us ticks all the boxes.


What you'll need to get started?

We’ll need access to your Stores & Inventory tab, website link and competitor’s store layout you would like us to follow.

What if I have any edits in the designs?

Your satisfaction is our topmost priority. 90% of our work gets approved in one go, but still, if you have any suggestions, we will happily make changes.

What is your turnaround time?

It usually takes around 4 business days to deliver the first draft. Any changes suggested by the client will be delivered in less than 24 hours.

Do you use stock images?

We have access to Shutterstock’s 300 million professional and HD images. You don’t need to pay extra for these stock images – it’s included in the fee.

What if Amazon does not approve the store?

This can happen sometimes, but don’t worry. We’ll be there for you till the storefront is live on the detail page.

I do not have brand registry; can you help?

Definitely! We have helped 100s of sellers get their brand registered on Amazon. Please see our pricing page or get in touch with one of our consultants.