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eBay is one of the preferred online shopping destinations for millions of users. Increasing visibility and creating differentiation for your products is an essential component for driving a successful business on eBay. We extend our expertise in managing your eBay business to ensure a result-oriented and successful selling journey for you. As an eBay consultant, we will provide you with all the support to build a robust online presence, acquire better visibility and gain higher conversions and product sales.


Product Listings
We create informative and eye-catching listings that can grab the attention of eBay buyers. In addition to managing the existing listings, we also provide assistance for adding new items and bulk upload of products in your eBay listings. Our experts use advanced listing software to manage your listings with a vast product portfolio. As eBay listing management professionals, we will help in listing your products at a fixed price and also set up an auction for them.

Product Image Editing
Bright and high-quality product images are essential for the proper representation of your products. Our image editing professionals apply high-end techniques to create stunning images, including close-up shots and photos taken from multiple angles. We further enrich the product images by resizing them and removing shadows or unwanted elements to deliver perfect white background images with precise colours and scale. Clean and enticing product images captivate the imagination of the shoppers and attract better conversions and sales.

Informative Product Descriptions
Our writers craft engaging and informative product descriptions for your eBay listings to properly highlight the product attributes and features. A lot of effort goes into developing keyword-rich descriptions to win better search rankings. The compelling and search engine-friendly product descriptions strike the right chord with your customers and help them make informed buying decisions.

Competitor Research
We have a dedicated team that conducts in-depth research on your competitors. Based on the findings about your competitors and the way they present their products, listings, bids, etc., we help you devise a fine-tuned strategy that improves your sales and strengthens your business on eBay.

Pricing strategy
Deciding an appropriate price point is crucial for your business on eBay. Our experts deeply study market trends, analyse your market position and the competitor pricing before finalising a price that suits your business and attracts good profit.

Order Processing
Order processing is a labour-intensive task that requires enough precision to manage it well. Our experts have devised efficient modules to organise routine jobs like order entry, shipping and invoicing. The quick and accurate order processing system facilitates better customer service and improves seller performance ratings for your business. We prepare monthly order reports to provide valuable insights into the progress of your business and help you take any necessary stock-related action.

Promoted Listings
With the level of competition in the marketplace, achieving a higher search ranking on eBay is a constant challenge. Maintaining better product visibility and being able to stand out in the crowded market is an utmost priority. By using promoted listings on eBay we can help you gain higher sales and create differentiation for your products. This is immensely useful in targeting your potential customers and redirecting them to your regular product listings on eBay. Our team manages all your promotions to increase your product visibility and acquire better sales in the process.

Return/Refund Management
Our eBay account management experts carefully handle the return orders from customers and initiate the refund process. We extend support in getting the refunds and effectively communicate with your customers to make things convenient for them.

Stock Management
We constantly monitor your stocks to avoid missing out on any sales due to the unavailability of products. Being out-of-stock adversely impacts your brand image and reputation. We provide the latest updates about your stock levels to help you make the necessary refills as and when necessary.


Save Time & Money
Business owners are preoccupied with their core activities and do not have the time or the expertise to manage an online business. Running an eBay business needs involvement and doing it all in-house may not be a financially viable option. We offer our specialised services to manage your eBay business effectively and handle all the subsequent challenges to build a robust and profitable e-commerce venture for you.

Product Categorisation
Choosing the correct category for your products is essential otherwise they won’t appear in the search results. We are adept at managing your product listings and putting them under appropriate categories. This helps prospective customers find your products easily & makes their shopping experience quite smooth.

Uploading Products
There’s a persistent need to keep adding new products on eBay. The search engine recognises you as an active seller only if you keep adding new product listings on a regular basis. It helps in pushing the search rankings of your existing listings higher. Our listing experts use specialised software to quickly upload your new listings and perform bulk product uploads to save time and effort.

Task Undertaken by Experts
We have years of experience & expertise in managing businesses on eBay. Our team has worked across industries and acquired hands-on knowledge & specialised skills to steer your business in a proper direction. With experts handling your eBay account, you can rest assured and focus on the core areas of your enterprise. A team of professionals will relentlessly work to establish your business on eBay and attain long-term sustainable growth.

SEO-driven Strategies
If your product listings do not show up on top product searches of your buyers, no real results can be achieved from your eBay business. The competition is fierce and you need to implement an effective SEO strategy to push your search rankings higher. Our experts select and add sales-stimulating keywords to your listings and apply various optimising techniques to win higher rankings and sales on eBay.

Better Conversion Rates
We manage every aspect of your eBay business. Right from using eye-catching product images to creating compelling keyword-rich listings, to managing order processing, ads and promotions, we have skilled resources to handle every minute detail of your business. With efficient management of your eBay business, we are able to capture buyers’ attention thereby gaining higher conversions and product sales.

eBay store setup

Depending on the size of your catalogue, we'll help you determine the correct eBay subscription for your business.

We completed Marketing
Product listing creation

We'll handle all the aspects of product listing, from bulk upload of 100s of products at once to placing your products in correct categories.

We created Apps
Listing optimisation

Our eBay listing experts make sure your copy is optimised for conversion, relevance and eBay's ``Best Match`` search algorithm.

We created Logo
Listing enhancement

With the use of strong branding and images, we'll help you create a powerful enhanced product description that cuts through the noise and makes your presence felt.

We created Graphic
Everyday account management

Behind the scenes, our eBay experts will be beavering away handling all-around communication for your eBay seller profile, managing order processing and more.

We writing content
Logistics and inventory management

As your partner, we can take charge of handling all your fulfilment related tasks. Leverage our flawless approach to inventory management to avoid frustrating stockouts and overselling.

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eBay consulting

Everyday issues concerning your eBay account will never be a problem with us at the helm. We can be your trusted advisory for everything in eBay.

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Frustration-free communication

You’ll never have to chase us for an update or response. Our convenient, proactive reporting will ensure that you are always in the know.

eBay management done-for-you

We know you’re busy. That is why we provide hassle-free management and optimising solutions where we do all the heavy lifting & you sit back and watch the profits roll in.

Experts, not Vas

Unlike most eBay “experts” who know nothing more than bulk uploads, we offer precise guidance, a strategic plan, or help troubleshoot complex problems through specialised consulting.

Hourly support

If you’re not looking for full-time support, we offer stand-alone, à la carte services that can be hired on an hourly basis.

Full suite eBay support

Get design, development, optimisation and marketing solution for your eBay store all under one roof. We can be your one point of contact for everything in eBay.

eBay specialists, not eCommerce generalists

While generalists are good at most things, specialists excel in their field of expertise. You can rest easy knowing all your work is carried out by a certified eBay expert and not a “Jack of all trades” generalist.

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