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Amazon has emerged as the largest online retail platform in the world. It enables brands to compete with each other by utilising the powerful Amazon advertising capabilities. You can promote your products by using advertising as a tool for creating overwhelming demand for your products and brand. Our experts will help you maximise your earnings by managing your advertising campaigns and catapult your Amazon business into a trajectory for continued growth and success.


Campaign Audit
We conduct an in-depth review of your existing campaigns to identify any gaps or optimisation opportunities. Our experts manage both manual and automatic campaigns to harness the maximum potential of your business on Amazon. We will provide assistance for planning advertising bids, optimising your campaigns and also curating content for effective PPC campaign management. Our team constantly monitors your campaigns to measure the performance and efficacy of your ads.

Campaign Creation
Amazon PPC campaigns follow an auction-style, pay-per-click system where a seller bids on keywords. When a shopper searches for a product on Amazon, the sellers with the highest bid on the relevant keywords win the auction. The product ads belonging to the sellers who have won the auction get listed in the placements of their choice. Amazon campaigns can be both automatic and manual. In the automatic campaigns, you allow Amazon to run ads for you, so Amazon automatically manages your ads on the basis of search term matches and the relevance of your products. Whereas, in a manual campaign, the sellers can choose the targets for which the ad has to be displayed. This lends more control and precision over ad targeting. Our experts are adept in the automatic and manual creation of the campaigns and can help you gain maximum benefits from both.

Keyword Research
We employ trusted keyword research tools like Merchant Words and Helium10 to identify the most relevant and high-performing keywords for your products. Selecting the right keywords is a significant component of running successful advertising campaigns on Amazon. Our team follows a rigorous research and keyword funnelling process to pick the best keywords for bidding; we also use them in optimising your ad copy and product detail pages. We duly consider factors like search volume, cost-per-click and competitiveness of the keywords before finalising them. This helps in targeting relevant audiences for better engagement, higher conversions and improved sales. Our experts include negative keywords in your campaigns to prevent unwanted and non-converting traffic and substantially bring down your ACoS.

Efficient Bid Management
Selecting the right bidding strategy is an essential component of a successful Amazon PPC strategy. Our experts carefully monitor your campaigns and optimise the keyword bids to help you compete for the top search results. Some essential factors like bid placement, performance, and impressions are taken into account while modifying bids at the keyword level. An effective bid management strategy will help you gain more visibility, generate better clicks and keep your advertising costs at the lowest.

Landing Page Optimisation
On clicking your PPC ads the customers get directed to your landing page. An impressive landing page should be a priority as customers associate the quality of the product pages or landing pages with the quality of your products. As an Amazon consulting agency we make enhancements to your product pages & optimise your content to target the right audience for higher conversions & sales. Our experts will provide product infographics for Amazon and specialised Amazon product photography & editing services to create informative and eye-catching product pages. Since creating a perfect landing page is a continuous process, we make the tweaks and modifications based on relevant data and audience responses we receive over time.

Promotion and Coupon Management
As an Amazon seller consultant, we manage all promotional activities, lightning deals, coupons, subscriptions and discount offers for your business. Our team helps you capitalise on high traffic during special sales and shopping days. In addition to earning significant profits on special sales days, you can also engage with a wide range of customers to achieve higher conversions and sales for your business.

Performance Monitoring & Reporting
We constantly analyse your PPC campaigns and track the key performance indicators to assess the progress of your advertising campaigns. Our team prepares comprehensive reports giving details about the pertinent conversion metrics and data related to your campaigns. Based on the reports and findings we are able to make strategic improvements and create a roadmap for running successful PPC campaigns for your business.


Sponsored ProductsBy using this pay-per-click advertising option, we present your listing to shoppers who are looking for a product you sell. A sponsored product ad promotes only one product from your inventory. Our experts secure the most lucrative & visible ad placements for your products to draw the attention of your prospective customers. We create and manage Amazon sponsored product ads perfectly aligned to your products and brand requirements. The sponsored ads for Amazon offer great value for your advertising spend and maximise your profitability.

Sponsored product ads have two keyword targeting options – manual and automatic. The keyword match types help to refine customer search queries for the eligible ads to appear. Manual targeting offers broad, phrase, and exact keyword match types.

With broad match keywords, your ad appears when a buyer’s search query includes all keyword terms or close matches like plural forms, abbreviations, acronyms, etc. With the use of broad match keywords, we can help in expanding your keyword coverage to gain more outreach and audience for your campaigns.

The phrase match types are fairly restrictive in nature as compared to the broad match. By using this match type, your ads appear when a search query exactly matches your keyword or has your exact keyword in a sequence of words. Your ad can also show up if the searches are a close variant of the exact keyword.

For the exact match type, the search terms must exactly match the keyword; otherwise, your ad may not show up. A query that has exact keywords but some additional words before or after it, the ad won’t appear. Despite the match type being so restrictive, it is generally relevant to customer searches as it aims to deliver ads to highly targeted and sought-after shoppers.

Broad, phrase and exact match keyword types may only be available for manual campaigns, but Sponsored Product campaigns with automatic targeting also have advanced keyword targeting options. They are as follows:

Close-match as the name suggests, the ads will show up when the search query closely matches the keyword.

With loose-match, your ads will show up even if the search term broadly matches the keyword.

Substitutes help your ads to appear along with products that can serve as substitutes.

With complements, your ads will be displayed with affiliated products.

Sponsored Brands
Sponsored Brand ads allow you to promote up to three products and appear at the very top of a search results page. These Amazon pay-per-click ads use keyword targeting and have a provision to add creative headings and brand logos to draw the attention of potential customers. Our experts help you target keywords relevant to your products, use suitable keyword match types to maximise impressions and write persuasive headlines to entice customers to click your ads.

Sponsored Display
Sponsored Display ads help to promote your products and brand both on and off Amazon platform. Our image editing experts create and refurbish display banners for your ads. The ads can be displayed on mobiles, desktops, and apps belonging to Amazon’s subsidiaries and third-party partner websites. We will create, develop and manage all your sponsored display ads to help grow your brand visibility, sales and overall profits.

Amazon DSP
By using Amazon Demand-Side-Platform, our team creates ads utilising programmatic advertising to cover popular social media platforms, mobile apps and online video channels. The ads appear in varied forms, including mobile banner ads, desktop display ads, in-stream video ads, image and text ads, and beyond. Our team makes the best use of Amazon’s target capabilities in showing ads on different Amazon-owned web platforms and also those not controlled by it.

Video Ads
Amazon offers various video ad options to suit your brand requirements, objectives and budget. As an Amazon advertising agency, we will manage your video ads and help in engaging your customers with impactful multimedia content. The ads will appear on different video stream platforms, connected TV networks, publisher channels, etc. We also provide assistance for directing the targeted traffic through the video ads to your product listings or website.

Audio Ads
The audio ads are usually 10 to 30-second long clips which can be streamed on platforms like Amazon Music to promote your brand. You can also play the ads on Alexa-connected devices, Fire TV, mobiles, and desktop devices. We will manage your Amazon audio ads to attract a wider customer base, strengthen your brand presence and increase sales in the process.

Store Ads
Store ads are primarily meant to advertise your storefront pages. You must have a storefront to avail this advertising option. The ad format by showcasing your store’s sub-pages will help in gaining visibility and awareness about your storefront.


Higher Search RankingsEvery brand aims to win top rankings in the Amazon search results. With strategic use of Amazon PPC advertising, we can help you achieve higher product rankings on Amazon. By setting well-defined brand standards and efficient PPC management, your products gain more visibility, draw customer attention and drive increased conversions & sales.

Improved Sales
A successful PPC campaign can massively increase views and impressions in a short span of time. A surge in visibility gained by Amazon sponsored product ads leads to an increase in customer visits. By leveraging the powerful advertising capabilities of Amazon you will witness a gradual improvement in your brand appeal leading to wider and better customer outreach.

Lower ACOS
Keeping lower ACoS is a crucial component for running successful advertising campaigns. A higher ACoS will adversely impact your profits. We will help you with keywords that are highly converting but have low CPC. By including negative keywords in your campaigns we will keep unwanted and irrelevant traffic at bay to prevent ad spend wastage.

Budgetary Control
Amazon offers tremendous flexibility when it comes to monitoring your advertising expenses. With pay-per-click ads, you need to pay only for the ads clicked by a shopper. You have the option of deciding your bids and planning your budget for the same. This makes the whole process hassle-free and budget-friendly.

Better Sales & Scalability
In addition to creating result-oriented PPC campaigns to target the right customers, we optimise your product pages with enhanced images and content to improve rankings, sales and brand scalability. We work on every vital aspect of the product listing to make it attractive and highly sales-stimulating.

Increased Brand Awareness
Amazon has a huge database of online shoppers. By running Amazon ads we will ensure the visibility of your products on Amazon search pages. With efficient PPC services, we will promote your business and products across Amazon leading to the frequent appearance of your products in relevant searches. The increased exposure of your products and brand improves customer engagement and strengthens your brand’s presence on Amazon.

Keyword research

The keywords that worked for you last year or even last month might not work today. So we collect the most relevant and profitable keywords from trusted tools like Helium10 and Merchant Words.

We created Web
Campaign rebuild

Armed with our keyword list, we go through the current structure of your campaign and identify the missing pieces, so your ads are hitting hard from all angles.

We created Logo
Ongoing improvements

PPC is never ``done``. You can never rest on a favourable ACOS or sales number. Judicious analysis of reports and daily optimisation helps us ensure your campaigns are consistently successful.

We created Graphic
Promotions & deals to spark interest

Our experts will plan and create promotions, coupons, lightning deals, subscriptions and discount offers around tent pole events like Prime Day & BFCM (Black Friday Cyber Monday) weekend.

We created Apps
Sales rank optimisation

We aim to positively influence brand growth and customer loyalty through advertising campaigns. The ultimate goal is to increase organic ranking of the product through PPC.

We completed Marketing
Retail readiness check

We also ensure that your listings are ``retail-ready`` with optimised content & images, buy box eligibility & 15+ reviews, so when the campaigns start, your product detail page is ready for the traffic.

We writing content

Pay to play done right (and profitably)

Let us create spot-on PPC campaigns that rev up your revenue and make high sales, low ACOS ads a reality.

Our process

Audit & strategy creation

Comprehensive overview of your existing PPC campaigns and a deep dive into the competitor landscape.

Campaign rebuild

Restructuring and overhauling of your existing campaign along with a total refresh on keywords, biddings and more.

Performance creative

Developing new creative messages that align with your brand and have the potential to lure new customers in.

Optimise, optimise and again optimise

We never set it and forget it. Day or night, someone is constantly working on your advertising campaigns to make sure they run hot 24/7.

Real-time reporting

Regular work summary reporting, weekly sales report and monthly sales and progress snapshot along with action plan for the coming weeks.

Rinse and repeat

You’ll start seeing the revenue roll in. But our job isn’t done yet. The team working for you will keep monitoring results and optimising the efforts for sustained growth.

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