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Amazon Sponsored Display – Exploring New Features & Growth Strategies

Amazon Sponsored Display – Exploring New Features & Growth Strategies

When it comes to customers finding out about a product, there are varied ways – using Amazon’s search, seeing ads, reading reviews, or hearing about it on social media. Instead of a straight road to buying something, these are different yet interconnected pathways. The notion that customers usually follow a set pattern isn’t relevant anymore. Every product is different and so are the sensibilities of the customers. You need to carefully disseminate information to reach the right customers for your brand at every step along the way.

Sponsored Display is a special advertising tool that follows a retail-centric marketing approach to help your business and brand get noticed on Amazon. It works when people are shopping, both on and off the Amazon platform. Using Sponsored Display at every stage of a customer’s shopping journey improves awareness about your products, draws new customers to your brand, and makes people remember and appreciate your brand. As a part of remarketing, you can also show your ads to people who visited certain pages or types of products previously as well. In this blog post, we will learn about Sponsored Display ads in detail and understand their significance in the world of Amazon advertising.

Scale up your business with Sponsored Display

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As a self-service display advertising solution Sponsored Display is designed to bolster your business and brand impact on Amazon. The innovative tool engages with shoppers throughout their shopping journey, whether they are on or off the Amazon platform.

What sets Sponsored Display apart

  • Retail awareness: This solution is built with a deep understanding of retail dynamics. It’s like having a shopping assistant that knows exactly how to make your brand shine.
  • Easy to use: Accessible through the ad console and Amazon ads API, it’s like having a simple, user-friendly tool in your hands.
  • Strategic approach: It is not just about showing ads, but also reaching those shoppers who are a bit off the main shopping path. Think of it as guiding customers to your products even when they’re not in the main shopping aisles.

Why choose Sponsored Display

  • Out-of-aisle reach: From handling inventory challenges (like when a product is out of stock) to making sure your offer is highlighted, Sponsored Display ensures your brand’s presence is felt, even beyond the traditional browsing areas.
  • Targeted strategies: It doesn’t simply rope in anyone and everyone. With Sponsored Display, you can strategically target specific product detail pages, and categories, and even build deeper connections with engaged audiences.
  • Expanding your aisle: Imagine your brand’s aisle getting bigger. With Sponsored Display, you can introduce your products to new customers who might have yet to discover them.

Step into the future of advertising

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Sponsored Display if managed well, can open new dimensions for your brand. It has tremendous potential to turn window shoppers into enthusiastic buyers and broaden your brand’s influence beyond the usual ways. Get ready to take your business to new heights with Sponsored Display!

Utilise special features of Amazon Sponsored Display ads to fuel your business and steer your efforts toward the outcomes you desire:

  • Dynamic and smart product targeting: Let the magic of Sponsored Display’s smart targeting take the lead. It operates like your personal shopping assistant who knows just what products to recommend to different customers.
  • Bidding and goals made easy: Sponsored Display doesn’t simply leave you hanging – it offers helpful suggestions for bidding and setting goals. Sponsored Display is all about boosting opportunities and expanding your brand’s reach.
  • Always-on campaigns: Imagine a campaign that never sleeps. Sponsored Display ensures your brand’s presence is constant, reaching customers whenever they’re ready to shop. It’s like having your store open 24/7.
  • Flexible charging, just for you: Sponsored Display understands that every business is unique. That’s why it supports different billing options, whether you prefer to pay per click or thousand views.

Step up your advertising game

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Sponsored Display ads go beyond basics and tap into advanced strategies to increase your growth.

  • Amazon’s brainpower at your service: With Sponsored Display, you’re not just relying on luck. Amazon’s machine learning helps you make smart choices, leading to effective campaigns that hit the mark.
  • Guidance tailored to you: Sponsored Display provides recommendations that are tailor-made for your brand, making campaign setup a breeze.

With Sponsored Display’s added capabilities, you’re not just advertising – you’re unleashing a powerhouse that drives results, maximises opportunities, and helps you stand out in the crowd. Get all set to experience advertising like never before!

Experience enhanced performance and remarkable growth with Sponsored Display

Amazon Sponsored ad campaigns witness an incredible boost in performance with the added magic of Sponsored Display.

  • Sales surge: You can see an astonishing +6% increase in year-over-year sales. That’s like giving your sales figures a rocket boost.
  • Triumph with triple power: But why settle for one when you can have three? Combining Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display, brace you for a staggering +16% surge in year-over-year sales, turning your campaigns into a sales powerhouse.

Embark on a journey of continued growth

Embark on a journey of continued growth

Sponsored Display can be a real game-changer. With these impressive statistics and the added strength of Sponsored Display, your campaigns are set to redefine success and deliver unparalleled results. You can experience an incredible leap in the performance of your sponsored ads campaigns, all thanks to the dynamic synergy of Sponsored Display.

  • ROAS on the rise: Witness a remarkable +0.8 increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). You can certainly get more bang for your advertising buck.
  • Tripled success: By combining the prowess of Sponsored Products with the impact of Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display, brace yourself for an impressive +2.6 ROAS increment. You can virtually see the investments multiply before your eyes.

With these ground-breaking metrics and the added power of Sponsored Display, your sponsored ads campaigns are poised to achieve unprecedented success. You can redefine your advertising journey with incredible returns.

Unveiling user-friendly tools for measuring and enhancing success

  1. Track your growth: Uncover the metrics that matter most for your goals. Dive into essential data such as click-through rate (CTR), viewable impressions, and the influx of new-to-brand customers. It’s like having a dashboard that helps you navigate towards success.
  2. API-centric approach: Dive into innovation with an API-first approach. Gain access to cutting-edge features before they even hit the Ad Console. It places you at the forefront of advertising evolution.
  3. Dynamic insights and segmentation: Immerse yourself in the world of dynamic insights and segments. Harness the power of dynamic segments to target your products more effectively, coupled with recommendations for optimal bids. It functions like a personal strategist for your campaigns.
  4. Catering to your campaign goals: Your goals, your rules. Set the stage for your campaign’s ambitions. Whether it’s optimising for broader reach, increased page visits, or conversions, your objectives take centre stage. You can tailor your campaign’s journey based on your unique ambitions.

These intuitive features are a testament to the future of advertising. They provide you with the tools to not just measure success but also elevate your strategies. With these advancements at your fingertips, you’re equipped to navigate the complex world of Amazon advertising with confidence and roaring success.

Some revolutionizing strategies to boost your advertising potential

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Key benefits of contextual targeting

  • Strategic expansion: Expand your reach and drive audiences from both within and beyond the Amazon platform.
  • Guided reach: Meet your customers right where they are – amidst content that resonates.
  • Fluid engagement: Seamlessly connect with shoppers traversing Amazon, their favoured websites, and mobile apps.
  • AI-powered maximisation: Leverage the might of Amazon’s machine learning, relentlessly seeking new avenues for your campaigns.

Crafting a detail page strategy with Amazon Sponsored Display ads

  • Targeted discovery: Align your detail pages to capture the imagination and captivate interested audiences.
  • Navigate the aisles: Extend your presence within popular product categories.
  • Beyond boundaries: Reach fresh audiences on pages that complement your products.

Empowering categories through contextual Targeting

  • Enhancing connections: Captivate those new-to-brand customers with precision.
  • Increased page views: Ignite curiosity and exploration with detail page views surge.
  • Boost in impressions: Watch your ad impressions skyrocket to new heights.

Sponsored Display contextual targeting potential:

  • Brand loyalty: Fuel loyalty by highlighting your products on your own detail pages.
  • Cross-selling: Direct customers towards complementary product pages by advertising for products usually bought together.
  • Customer acquisition: Win over new customers by advertising on specific pages or product categories.
  • Boost awareness: Resonate far and wide, magnifying brand and product awareness

Influence of Contextual Targeting: Shape customer journey with active engagement in similar products and categories.

  • Elevate your own product’s allure on its detail page.
  • Drive traction by tapping into complementary products.
  • Garner attention by featuring your products on popular pages.
  • Attract fresh customers beyond your usual realm.

Unleash the power of audiences: Pioneering strategies for reaching audiences across the entire purchase journey.

  • Broaden your audience horizons to fuel growth.
  • Experience fine-tuned control and reach.
  • Access untapped potential both on and off Amazon.
  • Step out of your niche to seize new territories.
  • Tailor your approach with ready-made or personalised audience strategies.

Boost your sales with Sponsored Display Audiences’ range.

  • Sparking awareness: Launch products with a splash, capturing popular audiences.
  • Enticing new customers: Extend your influence to uncharted customer territories.
  • Converting lost opportunities: Rekindle sales with tailored retargeting.
  • Beyond the norm: Push your limits and expand your reach strategically.

Level up new-to-brand growth: Unveil the potential of audiences to elevate sales.

  • The influence of audiences: According to Amazon estimates, you can witness up to 74% of sales growth with new-to-brand customers.
  • The power of choice: Engage with ready-made Amazon audiences or craft customised remarketing audiences.
  • Leverage remarketing: Tailor audiences based on past behaviours, amplifying your impact.
  • Audience categories: Explore in-market, lifestyle, interest, and life events segments.
  • Remarketing audiences: Empower your strategy with scale, control, and product spotlighting.

These winning strategies are your passport to an amazing advertising journey. They reshape the landscape of engagement, inviting you to harness dynamic tools and reap unprecedented rewards. If you face any hurdles while managing these tools, do not hesitate to seek direct assistance from our Amazon seller central consultants.

Sponsored Display ads appear at strategic spots that enhance their impact

  • Product detail pages: Gain prominence through captivating placements on product detail pages, where audiences are already interested in related products.
  • Homepage Embrace: Capture attention on Amazon’s homepage, connecting with audiences eager to explore.
  • Twitch and more: Extend your reach across Amazon-owned platforms like Twitch, coupled with other sites.
  • Off-Amazon engagement: Show up on third-party apps and websites, where you engage audiences even outside Amazon’s realm.

Empower your ads with tailor-made creative elements, igniting interest among shoppers.

  • Striking headlines: Command attention with custom headlines that captivate.
  • Branding brilliance: Highlight your client’s brand through their distinctive logo.
  • Visual stories: Enrich the experience with custom lifestyle and Amazon infographic images that resonate.

Real-time moderation for creatives

Stay ahead of the curve by utilising real-time moderation for headlines and logos. Avoid common pitfalls and ensure your creatives meet Amazon’s policies.

  • Policies in check: Sidestep issues like misspellings, syntax errors, promotional content, and image compliance.

Unleash the potential of video with Sponsored Display. (Available worldwide)

  • Showcase through video: Sponsored Display integrates video ads, opening up a fresh format for amplifying your products and brand. It’s like narrating stories about your offerings, both within and beyond Amazon’s ecosystem.
  • Journey moments captured: Highlight essential shopping journey moments, making your video ads more impactful.

Amazon Marketing Stream integrates Sponsored Display signals. (Available worldwide)

  • Insightful analytics: Gain insights into traffic, conversions (including new-to-brand metrics and view-based attribution for vCPM campaigns), and budget utilisation.
  • Precision by the hour: Understand campaign performance hour by hour, breaking down metrics like impressions, clicks, sales, orders, and new-to-brand sales. Unearth when views or clicks translate to conversions, by the hour.

To sum it up, Amazon Sponsored Display is a potent advertising option that strategically places your brand in the spotlight. It does involve certain nuances and complexities. Feel free to reach out to our Amazon experts and utilize our experience in navigating the ever-changing Amazon advertising landscape with precision and sheer excellence.

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