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What are unauthorised Amazon listing changes & how can we prevent them

What are unauthorised Amazon listing changes & how can we prevent them

Amazon product listings are a virtual showcase of your products and brand. They are the first thing customers see and that entices them to finalise a purchase. But maintaining the integrity of your listings and safeguarding them from unauthorised changes is a big challenge. Let’s explore more about Amazon unauthorised listing changes in this blog and the pertinent steps to prevent them effectively.

Understanding unauthorised listing changes

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In simple words, unauthorised listing changes are modifications made to your product listings without your consent. It could be making alterations to the product descriptions, tweaking the prices, or putting any false information. Unauthorised changes often stem from rogue resellers who aim to capitalise on your product’s success.

Proactively monitoring your listings is the first line of defence against unauthorised changes. Implement the best Amazon listing optimisation techniques and regularly check your product listings for any discrepancies. You can employ some advanced listing monitoring tools to detect unwanted changes in your listings and utilise Amazon’s Seller Central dashboard to track listing metrics and performance.

How are unauthorised listing changes a serious threat to your business

A fraudulent seller manipulating key information and putting erroneous details in your listings can confuse customers and create mistrust around your brand. Deceptive product details can result in customers receiving products that do not match their expectations. The unauthorised listing changes can deter your potential customers from making confident purchase decisions.

Unscrupulous competitors seize the opportunity to exploit unauthorised changes for their benefit. They may tweak the pricing, keywords, and product information, to make their product offerings look better than yours. It can poorly reflect on your products and brand while they take unfair advantage of the situation.

Amazon is a highly customer-centric platform that has stringent rules for unauthorised changes in your listings. If your listings are found to have such changes, Amazon may suspend those listings or even your entire seller account. Feel free to consult our Amazon seller experts and get comprehensive information regarding this. 

Some most vulnerable listing elements

  • Product title: A product title is a vital component that can grab the instant attention of shoppers. It plays a crucial role in driving sales on your product page. An illegitimate change in product title and alteration in keywords can confuse customers and divert your sales.
  • Images: Unauthorised sellers could change the product images to showcase their own product, which might differ in quality or features. This misrepresentation can mislead customers into making unintended purchases.
  • Product description: Changing the details or putting false information about your products in the description can lead to inaccurate expectations and dissatisfaction among customers.

How to maintain the integrity of listings and prevent any unauthorised changes

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We are enumerating some important measures for safeguarding your product listings on Amazon:

  • Account security: Maintaining strong account security is the foundation of protecting your Amazon listing. You can use a complex and unique password for your Amazon seller account and enable two-factor authentication for an extra layer of protection. Regularly update your password and ensure that only authorised personnel have access to your account.
  • Brand registry: You can enrol your brand in the Amazon brand registry program. It provides enhanced protection against unauthorised changes and gives you more control over your listings. With Amazon brand registry you can efficiently manage listings of your branded products, making it tough for unauthorised sellers to manipulate your details.
  • Use Enhanced Brand Content or A+ Content: Amazon Enhanced Band Content or A+ content is a great feature to elevate the quality of your listings and create a strong representation of your brand. With quality Amazon infographic images & product imagery, rich product information, and superior creative elements you create a legitimate and recognisable presence for your brand, making it hard for fraudulent sellers to breach it. 
  • Monitor product detail page changes: Keep a close eye on and regularly monitor your product detail pages for any unauthorised changes. Amazon provides notifications for any modification made to your listings. Set up alerts to receive notifications whenever any changes are made, so that you can take immediate action if required.
  • Monitor competitor activity: Watch your competitor’s activities closely. Unauthorised changes could be potentially made by competing sellers aiming to undermine the credibility of your listings. A watch and ward on their actions will help you identify any malicious activity.
  • Report unauthorized changes: If you notice any unauthorised changes, the first and foremost thing is to report them to Amazon immediately. You need to provide evidence of the original and unauthorised content and request corrective action. Amazon takes intellectual property and policy violations seriously and has a strong mechanism to handle such issues.
  • Maintain accurate product information: It is highly important to maintain the accuracy of your product information, images, and descriptions. Clear and concise information considerably reduces the chances of unauthorised changes going unnoticed or unreported.
  • Monitor customer reviews: Review customer feedback and reviews regularly. A negative feedback or unusual pattern could indicate an unauthorised change or a similar issue. Be prompt in taking action to maintain a positive reputation.
  • Intellectual property protections: If applicable, register your product trademarks, copyrights, and patents. Amazon has a specialized Intellectual Property program that reports violations and protects your intellectual property rights.
  • Utilise Amazon brand analytics: With Amazon brand analytics you get deeper insights into market dynamics, customer behaviour, and the overall performance of your products. You can meaningfully use this information to detect any unusual activity related to your listings.
  • Stay informed about Amazon policy changes: Amazon policies and procedures change from time to time. You must be fully informed about the policy changes related to your listings or intellectual property. It will help you adapt your strategies to maintain the security of your listings on the platform.

Final thoughts

To summarise things, protecting your Amazon listings from unauthorized changes requires a proactive and multi-pronged approach. With strong account security, the use of Amazon’s tools and programs, constant monitoring of your listings, and staying updated about policy changes, you can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized listing modifications and maintain the credibility of your products and brand. 

Being vigilant and taking prompt action is key to preventing and addressing unauthorised changes effectively. If you face any difficulty in handling unauthorised listing changes, you can seek assistance from our Amazon experts and ensure your product listings are completely safe and protected.

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